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Cdelannoy for Catherine de Lannoy.

In house Lawyer, specialized in International Law, I work since 1989 in Luxembourg where I was successively Tax Planning Adviser within a firm of audit, in charge of a department Corporate Engineering of a bank and then, more particularly implied in the launching of an Internet Bank. Lately, I dealt with deontology and ethics for the same group. 

I was living  between Liege (Belgium) and Luxembourg. I have been living in London. 

I adore to travel and I promised myself that one day I would have a big one... 

I like my house of Liege, decoration music and books.

I adore discovery party and my friends. 

I practice sport. Sailing. 

I traveled in solo those last years: Kenya, Polynesia (Moorea, Huahine, Tahiti and Bora-Bora), and Thailand . 

Those years I determined my road according to guesthouses and dream hotels such as Amanpuri in Phuket, Moorea Beachcomber in Moorea. However, my favorite place remain a small one: more confidential and personalized. During those trips, I collected any useful ideas, evaluated pro and cons, prepared files. My friends share their opinion about their stays and offer their contribution for the guesthouse to come. This project is the result of long discussions, long preparations... I will travel with a little part of their dream.

1000 thanks to all of you who helped advised  and listened to me with this project. 

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