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le 28/05/2013 à 17:10

I had an excellent discussion today with some of my good partners in Multi level markeing!! When I was exposed to MLM, I felt that I was disconnected from the matrix.

A JOB, which I thought to be the individual method to make a living, was not. A routine and mindset was placed in my existence by humanity to keep me from the real fact, that I could create a life-style.

I felt like Neo in Wonderland; excited, anxious but scared at the same time. About seventy to eighty percent of society in the entire world are either not prepared or don't wish to be unplugged.

Their brains are not prepared; consequently, not ready to hear about a life with no boundaries and how to accomplish that, at least not yet.

What I really do not comprehend is that virtually everybody dreams about achieving success, freedom, and becoming the next rich dude in town, but extremely few individuals are ready to do what it requires, stepping out of their comfy zone to reach that stage of achievement.

Sadly, most individuals aren't open-minded because they follow ninety five percent of what society do, living a broke and standard life and the concept of making 25-50K a month seems too good to be true.

Beyond the matrix, a million dollars is a matter of time if you possess the proper mindset.

Mindset - Instinct or Self-development

The 8 to 5 corporate America in no way sounded too thrilling. I knew that a million dollars was likely to be almost not possible. I would need to work my as
Messages : 9981 à 9990
Page : 999
Nombre de messages : 11407